Maximus Moving & Delivery was born from the creativity and continuity of three best friends that met in high school. Following their graduation, they shared the unanimous interest in starting a business together, but it wasn’t until they saw the negative aspects of the moving industry firsthand that they had found their calling. The three of them decided to build something new and trustworthy in a market that had become outdated and stale, and from the moment they launched themselves into the DFW moving market, they have been hungry to have their company make a lasting, positive impact on all their clients.

During their time in operation, they have garnered many high remarks and kind reviews, but they regard each with joy, knowing that their hard work and dedication to what they do made a client and their belongings feel secured and cared for. Their goal is to continue evolving and growing in the DFW market, always aiming to make the transition period in their clients’ lives as seamless and stress-free as possible.

Their staff is consistent and reliable, committed to adapting to the care needs of all their clients and their property. They are here to help you make your move the opposite of overwhelming. In fact, change can be a good thing—but they will make it a great thing! Your Local Fort Worth Moving Company.


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