Hello, his name is Clay Kercheval. Hawk Moving has been moving the DFW area since 1989. He started out as a mover, and saw the potential of owning this business. So, let him tell you He have a wide perspective on what a move is. Not only did He work as a mover for 5 years, his family and he have moved many times in the last few years. As their family grew, so did the need for more space! Everyone thinks just because he own a moving company that his personal move is so easy. Trust him, his crews have moved him smoothly…. but that’s just one part of the move. Just ask his wife, Jamie, how much she loves to move! He understand the work, stress, and time out of your life a move requires. But, a move is needed to make that new change. Hawk Moving wants to help you make your new move as stress free as possible, so you can concentrate on all the next steps you need to make for all your changes.


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