Fireman Movers LLC have been in business for over 12 years and have always been a family business owned by firemen. We have been focused on the Tarrant County area in the past and have recently expanded to the Lewisville area. We base our business model on one thing, customer referrals. We also understand that to get your referral business we must do you as good a job as possible and try to exceed your expectations. Moving can be one of the most stressful times of anybody’s life. Knowing this, we go to great lengths to relieve that stress. We like to say that when you hire us, your possessions mean more to us than they do to you.

At A Fireman Mover, we send you what we believe to be the best possible movers anywhere. Our goal is to prove that statement correct. Every one of the guys has extensive experience in the moving business. There are employees that have been with us since day one. There is not anybody currently working for us that has less than a year and a half worth of moving experience.


5 Reviews

  • Nora Holder


    Fireman Movers were awesome! Last minute my move-in got pushed back by a week and they quickly were able to get me into a storage unit last minute. They were so incredibly fast and probably the nicest moving company I’ve ever worked with.

  • Josie


    Highly recommend! Quick, trustworthy service. All of my stuff was wrapped and protected. Definitely use Fireman Movers for your moves!

  • Roger


    Everything was so easy to do with Fireman Movers! From scheduling and responsiveness to the movers being timely and efficient. I cannot recommend them enough! The movers were super courteous and careful. Best move experience I’ve had (and I’ve moved almost yearly for the last 6 years). If you’re on the fence on which moving service to use pick Fireman Movers.

  • Smith


    Everyone in Fireman Movers was personable, careful and attentive to our requests and never stopped moving during our 10 hour move. Can’t say enough about these hard working men. They are fabulous. Hire them!!!!

  • David


    The Fireman Movers team was great, they worked fast and effectively. We had 3,400 sq ft move. I had a couple of mirrored pieces of furniture and they carefully wrapped them. The team was really friendly and they did an excellent job all around. Great value!

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